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Around a third of people in Brighton and Hove are living in a privately rented home. We want everyone renting, or looking to rent, to have access to all the information and advice they need.

Renting a home can be daunting and sometimes problematic. But there is a lot of information and support out there. To make it easier to find, Rent Smart Brighton & Hove is a website to help you find the right information and advice.

Please browse our pages if you are looking for a place, about to move in, currently renting or about to move out. The news page will detail our current campaigns and events. You can contact us directly on .

Rent Smart Brighton & Hove

Although most British people strive to live in their houses and apartments, it may be rather expensive to buy real estate. Rental is a better solution for both families and students, as it costs less and helps save some money. You can find Brighton citizens advice on our website to learn what information to consider before moving in, how to choose the right property, and many more.

The real estate market is vast, and it can be challenging to find a comfortable yet cheap place for living. We strive to provide you with the information that will ease the search process and help you rent the apartment of your dreams. We are the real estate professionals who will prove that Brighton and Hove is one of the best places for renting an apartment. The information on our website is based on our research and information provided by people living here. If you’re a student, you can be lucky to become a neighbor of a talented essay writer who will help you write your academic papers. You just need to use our student housing advice to find a cheap apartment in a preferable district. If you have kids, you should consider the location as it’s important to live near a kindergarten or school.

The renting process will become easier with us as we share the information you have to consider when communicating with a real estate agent. Besides, we suggest that you take into account a few important factors before you even start looking for a new home to move in:

  • Your budget. It’s necessary to consider not only the rental price but also utility bills, commuting expenses, and food. If you’re a student, you should also take into account paper writers, as you’ll have to pay for your essays.
  • Location. You should decide if you want to live in a quiet place or don’t mind living on a busy street. Do you want to live in a building with a parking zone nearby? Should there be a school or kindergarten near your house? Answer these questions to find a perfect place.
  • Property type. You can rent a studio apartment, a flat with a few bedrooms, or even a room depending on your circumstances. For example, if you’re a student, you can rent an apartment with a writer who will help you write a real estate essay, for example, whenever you need it.

Renting allows you to be more flexible with your decisions and responsibilities. First of all, you aren’t tied to a place, and if you don’t like the neighborhood, you can simply choose another district. Secondly, you don’t have to cover taxes, insurance, and repair expenses, which is an effective solution for your budget. A student can even find a professional writer in Brighton & Hove to write a real estate research paper for them. So, if you’re searching for an apartment to rent, you can find helpful information about the community, finding a place, and tips on moving in on our site.

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Advice and Information

Finding a place

What to think about when you start out looking for a rented place to live

Moving in

Found a great place? All the steps you need to take before you move in

During your tenancy

Some of the things that might crop up while you’re a tenant


New area? Find out what’s going on and how to get involved in your local community

Moving out

What to think about when it’s time to move out

How we started

Rent Smart is managed by a partnership of organisations. It came about after a report on the private rented sector was carried out by Brighton and Hove City Council in March 2015, which contained many recommendations based on evidence given by people living and working in the city. You can read the report here, and a recent update here. The Fairness Commission has also made a number of recommendations regarding private rented housing in the city. You can read their recommendations here.