Rent Smart Conference 29th November 2017

The first Rent Smart Brighton and Hove Conference will be held on Wednesday 29th November 2017 2-5.30pm at Hove Town Hall, Norton Road, Hove.

Going back to 2015, a report was produced by the council, after a panel of councillors (a “scrutiny panel”) heard evidence from many different people about the state of the private rented sector in Brighton and Hove. The report included many recommendations, including fostering joined-up working between council departments and other relevant organisations. Rent Smart came out of that recommendation and this website was launched a year ago. Since then we have focused on several other of the recommendations, including promoting agency review sites and a Good Landlords scheme.

The questions I hope the Conference will answer are: How much difference have any of our actions made? How have things changed since the scrutiny report of 2015? What are the key challenges now for people renting in the city? What more can organisations like Rent Smart partners and others do, by working together, to support renters?

We will be delighted to welcome Poppy Terry from Shelter as our key speaker. Poppy will give us some context in terms of the overall direction for private rented housing nationally, and examples of other local initiatives. We will have a variety of speakers who are experts in various aspects of private rented housing to update us on changes in the market and what work is being done.

We will have panel discussions on topics including energy efficiency, an update on discretionary licensing (ie possible new licensing schemes for landlords), standards for letting agents, the impact of Universal Credit and projects to help people find, afford and keep homes in the private rented sector. We will also have break-out sessions to discuss what practical actions we can take to support renters in our city.

The Conference is great opportunity for everyone who is interested in or concerned about private rented housing in the city to come together, get updated and talk about what we can do about it.

The Conference is free. Refreshments are provided and the venue is fully accessible. Please RSVP to theteam@rentsmartbrightonhove.org to book a place.

Post by Cllr Tracey Hill, lead councillor for private rented housing on Brighton and Hove City Council.


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